Mandatory Quarantine

by Ben Kerns

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In the midst of the political, corporate and social chaos surrounding America, BDK escaped to record his debut album. The album explores complex political themes, recreational drug-use, sexual encounters and the will to progress as an artist.


released April 21, 2012

Benjamin David Kerns
Patricia Seeton
Julian Thomas
Drew Collier
Emily George
Geoff Niesen



all rights reserved


Ben Kerns Wisconsin

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Track Name: Amerrorists
Spoken: (We the people of the United States of America in order to form a more perfect union. Guess perfections in the eye of the beholder)

Dont you think our times worth something more than just mindless consumption.
When we die it's all worth nothing, rid our lives of pain and suffering

Listen to the sounds of all the music that surrounds you.
Crazy frowns will drown you fat and lazy all around you,
Loosen up the noose and shake the chains that stayed and bound you.
Fill yourself wit pleasure, shake the pain off that has found you.

This planet is a miracle, the natives rightly spiritual
Emotion make you tear up, don't fear what is healable.
Feel with the lyrical, I'll take you by the hand
To cities, electricity, we plugged in like an amp.

Stuck inside our cell phones watch it shock us where we stand.
We find we're all alone, isolated to a zone.
If you sittin' in your home, then you're missin' bigger plans.
Freedom swapped for safety, but it seems like its a scam.

No one really gives a damn and now our hope is oon the ropes.
Greed is on a conquest to take it from the land
Started up with happiness should finish with this concept.
Cuz life is not a contest, god rid us of this nonsense.
What we have in place is not at all what it would seem,
Red and blue continue battle, halls of Congress plot and scheme.
Do we keep on clutching arrows or the olive branch of peace?
Heighten narrow-minded visions, blind is all your eyes can see.

Elected by constituents, but they ain't reppin' me.
They're selected by their influence, cuz they got currency.
Threatened reelections lobby cash to puppets on a string,
Decisions made by money fucking up our history.

And this is the democracy that they had not conceived.
The minds behind the declaration never would believe.
We could really make a mockery of all that they achieved
Morph into a federation they had fought to leave.

So if we keep our mouths quiet, we will not be free.
I think it's finally time the crowds riot, try to plant a seed.
Nurtured leaves come from the ground, pilots fly and sprout a tree.
Hunger soakin' up the sun so harmony will keep our vows righted.
Look, but can you stand this? These wars we wage are madness.
Attempt to lead the world but bullied countries think we're savage.
A hateful nation chasin' down these places that we can't erase.
And faces that show traces of distaste are gettin' banished.

I plead for you to reconsider what this really means.
Can righteousness deliver peace or are these silly dreams?
Impulse is not conscience and want is not a need.
So I offer up a question voiced in hopes of a decree.
Agree to change our deeds or flee what we concede?
Track Name: No One
Spoken: Okay. Why dont you break that shit up. Ay yo put it in the grinder. Alright now get it in the bowl. You got it?

Fuck, wait, cut!
Hold up these introductions need to smoke a bit to function.
A fork stuck in the road, a cold and bitter junction.
So wait for these instructions, break a tip a nugget.
Take a sip a liquor, and I'm playin' with seduction.

Flash a little ass honey, slap ya in the pants,
Got ya hands around the shaft til I'm ta the point of fuckin.
Pack us up some plant and then get ready for the thrustin'
Slash her with the dance until I'm ready for eruption.

Ya little munchkin. Wow, just one guy?
Nice punchline Ms. Sunshine, now go out get drunk, fine.
Hands off the spunks mine. Cut ties in a crunk rhyme.
Buzz off you cunt, bye. Suck dry those schmuck guys.

No way I'm quittin, I'm addicted to the livin'
If you listen to the fiction missin' sounds that I am spittin'.
Move around and you can feel em'? High and loungin' til I'm chillin',
Fire rounds of ammunition. I astound until I kill them.

No one does it quite like I can. They can't do it quite like I can.
No one does it quite like I can. They can't do it quite like I can.

BDK is gonna shoot. Gonna bag a little loot
Gonna instigate a war but I'm takin' no recruits.
The borders and the shore buddy lock your fuckin' door.
You can't escape the truth about to educate the youth.

Cuz patiently I waited just to make it up the ranks.
Now I'm handin' out the damage cuz I'm stranded in the loop.
So they brand me an animal like Hannibal the Cannibal.
But damn it though I'm radical, collab n' get the scoop.

At times I told lies and rolled dice and smoked vines
and got high in my mind just believin' I could fly.
Know why? No, why? Cuz I need this shit to rhyme.
My lines are so inspired they be leadin' you to crime.

No joke guys! I'll be the greatest of my time.
If you chokin' on my weed then this debate is on my side.
I'm flowin' til I thrive. Like a fro that's on the rise.
If disco doesn't die. I'll Bee a Gee to stay alive.


Ya see the villains and the creeps are pretty imbisillic sheep.
Insignia the media that's lyin' to the heaps.
I don't mind 'em anymore, our lives are very short.
Headlines are tellin stories but I'm master of the fort.

I'm keeper of the words, you heard, I'm smokin' herb.
Flip those middle fingers up if you have lived this and you've learned.
We burn. We believe the world has more than just the hurls
Many more we haven't seen we know our minds are filled with pearls.

So go lift up your glass if you've been smokin' grass.
Pack up another bowl and then we light it, hit it, pass
I get smashed, blasted, toked another ration.
Dro out in the lab and then throw down what I've imagined.

I'm lyrical. Here I'll go dissin' and dismissin'
any bitches that spittin' that I ain't fit I'm never quittin'.
I'll be scribblin' revisions until the summits where I'm sittin'.
I'm livin' my mission will never plummet. I'll be winnin'.

Track Name: T'nite
Tell me what you need baby and you'll receive it. You eyein' my shit I see it, forget it girl just admit it.
Feelin' I'm kinda skiddish', I'm feelin' a little timid, you givin' it really good in the place where I wanna get it.
Baby go lick it, got fingers under your skivvies. Unzippin' and then I'm ticklin, jiggle rock it' and rivet.
Never hit it and quit it. You mine and that's how I keep it. Show you all the stars, they ares. I know you wid it.
Move those lips, girl. Drop those hips, twirl. Get on this, girl. Give Me a Whirl.
Move those lips, girl. Drop those hips, twirl. Get on this, girl. Give Me a Whirl.
Ha! tell me what you like and we can do whatever t'nite.
So tell me what you doin t'nite? what you doin t'nite?
Baby what you wanna do? we can do it t'nite.
Crossover (swish) and kick it with me on the other side
everything is all good so lets ride. So girl lets get into it t'nite, lets get into it t'nite
Girly get me out my jeans, lets get to it t'nite.
If you got it I want it, and if you need it I'm on it. Whats your name it dont matter I'll find that out in the morning.
Girl, give it all or get nothing. Privately or in public. Hope you ain't frontin' or somethin' I keep it bumpin and jumpin'.
Girly, your fantasy. Starrin me. Hey that's your girl want parta me. She keep eyein' me I'm bout to take her where the party be.
Cuz that's where she aughta be. Little bit of time, little bit of rhyme. Turn that nine into a fine dime. Turn her on a with a little bit of rhyme
Record that picture, chick. Click click. Pose for the pic. Play my hits, bend that shit, tell your man "hey you dismissed."
JT, BK, I'm fresh to death and thats CK. Four wheels, kick push, lets rollerskate on our first date.
How ya doin ma? How ya doin girl? She dropped it low, I'm like "damn how'd you do it girl?
Hopefully this be a night to remember. Hey T-Paine I think I like the bartender. Swag
I'm saggin' to my knees, I'm beggin' you baby please. I wanna make you my queen, so don't ever give up and leave.
See and we agree. The way we know it should be. Best things in life are free and you fillin' my heart with glee.
Girl you're fresh and clean, we breezin' the perfect scene, I'm seein' you in my dreams and really it ain't a tease.
Honey I been sayin' we makin' the perfect team, I'm grateful its you and me, we be the cream of the cream baby.
Move those lips, girl. Drop those hips, twirl. Get on this, girl. Give Me a Whirl.
Move those lips, girl. Drop those hips, twirl. Get on this, girl. Give Me a Whirl. You know I really want it.
Track Name: Runaway Train
Spoken: (I tell you baby, when this shit gets started, its like a runaway train. Ain't no stoppin or it slowin it down. Cuz that shits just keep goin on... and on)

Straddle you from behind, got your blind side shakin'
Now I got your body breakin, makin motions like the earth is quakin.
Ain't no mistaken lady, there ain't no fakin' damey.
Uninhibit the limits, hint at what's partakin', lately.

Time starts to wind babyboo, now it's just me and you.
Back you to my spot, flip on my box, yeah I got CDs too
You're such a fox, I'll get you hot, maybe you'll see me through
Pack up some pot, rip off your top, see what this weed'll do.

No interloper, let's smoke til you sniff the odor
I'm really more of a joker with a fat and wicked poker.
And I can lick ya too girl, make you come unscrewed
Make your body start contortin', forcin you to want this Jew.

And Horton Heard a Who cuz now you speak like Dr. Seuss.
I'm in and out your juice and maybe stick in your caboose.
Cuz my dick is your masseuse, promise no pussy abuse.
Rockin' it so tight, and I won't let it become loose.

Fuck around and try me baby. What it's gonna be?
You said you got the best, then come and drop it on me.
I'll be at the hotel. Here is the key.
Come around 10 and drop that pussy on me.

Now I've been up and down these parts before. You know that I know what's in store.
Shorty screamin' out for more as bed posts bang against the door.
I wrestle you down to the floor. Holdin' on at your core.
Curious like George, cuz I be hungry to explore.

Ferdinand Magellan bearing masts upon your shore
Or, I think I'm more a Poncé de Leon.
Youth's not in a fountain, but I'm fond to make you moan
Baby we're not on a mountain, but my rocks'll take you home.

Sweet like Alabama, we jammin' like Band O'Rama
Inside of you like a phantom, gyrations are all in tandem.
Managin' all the stamina, grabbin' like there's a famine
Can't handle all of the atoms, we patchin' up all the damage.

Ain't nothin that can phase me, although this dro has got me hazy.
Cock can make you crazy and we both be lookin lazy,
Let's get each other off before we both be pushin' daisies.
Turn into ghosts then have to make the most like Patrick Swayze


This shit can be vicious, I'm slippin' up and down with inches.
And the skin ain't ficititious, we both be tastin' real delicious.
Use those legs just like scissors, as that box be up on my whiskers.
You can kick it ridiculous, send the Kolonel on a mission.

Fission and fire, like North Japan where we residin'.
We higher than a mile Pan-Am ain't even what we flyin'.
If you want me as your pilot, I'll take you to where the sky is.
Cuz honey I'm down to riot whenever you wanna ride it.

Track Name: Prince Charming
Cups in the air, get ya cups in the air
Cups in the air, in the air, in the air.
Cups in the air, get ya cups in the air
Yeah get your motherfuckin 'cups up in the air.

If I was rich would I be Prince Charming?
Would you resist is my kiss disarming.
I need you near, can you hear me darling?
Baby, come here. Wrap your lips around me.
If you were rich, you could be Prince Charming.
But I insist that your dreams alarm me.
I need you near, can you hear me darling?
Baby, come here. Wrap your arms around me.

If I had the money and I looked more charming,
I could get the lassie every athlete is adoring.
That sassy little brat she turnin out to be so boring.
That bitch she left me snoring. I found myself ignoring.

Where my real ass women at, I want to feel you near.
Ya'll come here. Before the evening leaves and disappears.
So cheers, my dear. A toast to all the years.
How 'bout another beer? Don't even fear, you got the cure.

Been waiting hesitating, think I'm 'bout to grow a beard.
So I whisper in your ear, sexy nothings so obscure!
Seriously clear, let's kick it with our peers.
Envied lusting, so revered. It's like we're sittin' on a pier.

And I ain't Otis Redding. But I heard his soul was heavy.
and there's plentifully many who have grinded out the gears.
My mind it isn't ready for another bout of tears.
But whatever, throw it up. Lets keep the happy moments pure.


Perrenially sell a flow. I'm thinking yes but tell her no.
All ya fellas envious, she caressin' tryna swell my bone.
Your jealousies pathetic and her kiss is like an eskimo.
Lessons from R. Kelly, got her pickin' up the telephone.

Damey hates your gamin', bro. I stay inside her lady mode
Hamlet so Shakespearean and I'll be her Horatio.
Wait for me. I'll take it slow, I hope we find a place to go.
Swervin' in and out my lane, and crankin' up the radio.

Jam this like a basketball. I'm Magic crashin past Malone.
Laughin' at the nastiness, the last eleven yaps composed.
Album stacked, Maniac, crackin' flows like Sembello.
Flash Dance. Eighties back and Alex got a chance to grow.

Grind it on her pantyhose, I'm managin' her chassy yo.
Grab the profilactics, I ain't tryna catch a rash ya know.
Wrappin' up this rap I wrote. And mappin' out this' path alone
Examined the advantage. Hey, I'm carryin' this package home.
Track Name: Lost Time
As time casts shadows on all your dreams,
The youth grows farther as it seems.
And friends, forgotten in between,
When time casts shadows on all of your dreams

So when he dies, read on his stone
"a desperado, he was alone"
And when you see him, throw him a bone
a desperado, he's all alone.
They say a thousand words for every picture that you see
I glimpse back at all my old ones', see the joys of bein' free.
A cute little kiddie, swimmin' in a sea of dreams
Sands a time are flyin' by and not easily redeemed.

Push the visions in the distance just another day
Then today comes in an instant and now there isn't a ray
Of hope. This dope got my mind tied on a rope.
It's lassoed and now the chokes are bein' cloaked, surrounded by smoke.

I woke up in the morning and the day has passed me by.
How many more can I explore before the sun ignores her rise?
Homicide on time, pseudo smiles, ridin' high,
'Til I catch reflections etchin' at a wretched dry disguise.

A hardened visage hidden by this image no longer soft,
But you wear it too long; now figure out how to take it off.
Immature thoughts, ur lost, scoffin' time at twenty-five.
Now the suns behind ur eighty-nine, and find ur askin why?
So here I go, it's time to share it. Now the woes are quite apparent.
So I swear that I will parish solitary like my parents.
Beyond the Sea, I sail it, but there is no Bobby Darin
To sweetly serenade me and the sea is always barren.

Sittin' back sweatin' as I'm frettin' this nest of regrets,
denyin' requests that end in success, but it arrested my mind in a debt.
Bad as a bet. Had to reflect. But I can't recollect all of the threats.
Infinitesimal mess of events, all met up impressin' a snowball effect.

Yes, I'm blessed with friends and family, Express it with all of my heart.
But from the start. I was too smart. Why don't they get that I'm fallin' apart?
I'm fearin' the tomb, I'm pearin' the gloom. I'm tryin' to climb, this mountain of doom.
Prayin' that soon by the earth and the moon, my blues begin playin' a change in the tune.

Chained beside the fear of merely spending my days a slave
What a display, is it the same dismay I gain afraid of the grave?
Goin insane, prayin in vane, take away all of the pain.
Spillin' disdain in the rain, but still I refuse to refrain.
Sad, it's my fault my first instinct is getting a drink
Dad slapped the can in my hand, patted my back, then laughed and he winked
Bad, my life is a wink and a blink, seem to be sinkin' so deep to the brink
Sign it ink, I think too much I think my life is beginning to stink.

But forget it; it's the pits, it's time for us to admit it.
This is it. It's all we got so find a spot and try to live it.
That shadow lurkin' guy is sittin' like quite the creeper,
'Til the days run dry then find you're spyin' the rise in the eyes of the Reaper.

Before you had the chance on flashin' back for meanings deeper,
You're sour at all the hours lost by crashin' sound of sleeper.
The Father of Time is tip-toeing the line to be taking 'em finders and keepers.
Disguisin the signs at the prime one's. Why can't we be buyin' 'em back a bit cheaper?

.when the day comes when I die, I'm gonna follow lights up to the sky.
I'm gonna swallow my pride and get high, I'm gonna spread out my wings and let fly.
Fightin back cries from my eyes, no use in us askin' him why?
At the end of the run, look back on the fun, it's over and done, goodbye.
Spoken: It's a sign. I'll be fine. when I say goodbye. They'll be no lost time.
Track Name: Can't
Spoken: (Sometimes, I feel like I just dont know. It's like my life is just playin out and I'm sittin in the audience. I can't even focus on the show. So alone.)

Never know, never show, the pleasure in the X and O's
Sandwiched in like Oreos. Females, man, they come and go.
Gravitate when on a roll. Leave you low, when needed most.
Sabotage my bleeding soul. Vanish like an evening ghost.

Blind magic act of smoke. Fire burnin' every hope.
Jabs mere glancing blows. Eventually they TKO.
On the nose, pain exposed. Play on shows like Howard Co(sell).
Who's to blame? Face the foe. Reflections show me every woe.

How would you react if every girl you ever cared about
Stared you in the eye, and sweared that you ain't the guy?
With a look of no surprise, then waves a swift goodbye.
Evacuate our lives and make it feel like it's a lie.

So yeah, I'm damaged goods, man. Woulda, coulda, should.
Now I raise my hood, disguisin' wasted looks.
Hide my face in books, stay locked away in nooks.
Still the space I took, could not delay this hook. Nawww

Words. Primal urge. Spiraling worse.
Idle in me. I can't be free.

So freedom of expression, I'm expressin' what a mess.
I have this message that I'm sendin' but I'm stressin over lessons.
Older blessings, no regrets. A game of chess and happiness
is just a step in the right direction. This flight needs a slight correction.

I feel I might regress. Distressed like I fight infection.
Time a slice disection of events
I spent half my life erectin' and I have tried defendin'
Collected wise evidence and just reprise the credits.

Elect sly presidents. And let fly incentives.
Append GIs with weapons, Deploy awry presences
And boys is shy of questions, avoidin life sentences.
Annoyin' quiet peasants, destroy polite residents.

My own blind intentions are signs I scribed in flesh n
I try to flex impressions alone in high digressions.
Confess the rest when I have etched my exit.
Jettison minds arrested. Left to jus' die and end it.


Trombone Solo
Track Name: Burn Money
Spoken: (I always wondered what the eye at the top of the pyramid meant,
but now I know it's just the elite watchin' us from above. Tell em Geoff.)

They're watching us all, they want us to fall
It's fourth down and they're all praying we drop the ball
Cuz the conversion would cause turbulence for the plan that they got,
but this is out planet, like it or not.

If you love money, stop. It's just like smoking rocks
In addiction that in the end will get us all popped
and I'm not tryna drop knowledge, I never went to college.
Didn't have the money if I didnt I wouldn't bother.

Degrees are meaningless, minor achievements we display
to get through the day while we work our lives away.
They got us trading in our hours for a handful of dollars
like there's any guarantee that we'll even see tomorrow.

And we've about had it up to our necks with this lack of respect
no me, no you, no us who's left to cash your checks
Seems like dollars just don't make sense,
time to ignite the bonfire. Shall we commence?

Hierarchies swirling at the burden of the meager I see
freedom marching in, sweeping leaders off their feet.
And time is unfurling, silver spoon elitist. People sing it
"god end the greed and burn away money."

Yeah, even presidents of college teams all go for green.
Prioritize the dreams of BCS before legit degrees.
While they assemble groups of teens that'll play the game for free.
Get 'em cleated up and beat 'em up like slaves to the machine.

Or the NBA gets locked away cuz owners disagree.
Over which estate they'll grab today, while fans acknowledge C.R.E.A.M.
Yeah the players wanna play. Man, we followed all their tweets.
But David Stern just pointed back and told 'em not to speak.

On the real. I mean get serious. Pete's sake Jesus.
material currency. pffft, keepsake grievance.
Happiness my ass, this cash ain't leavin'.
I'm bein' "Super Cereal". A truth of inconvenience.

So if you feel concerned about the state of entertainment.
Just take the picture out the frame, and recognize it's tainted.
Forget the shit they painted, while you layin' there sedated.
They keep that paper safely outta reach. So never pay it.


Tears run in, the daylights dim, the sea is gettin' stormy.
Steer and spin, at wasted limbs as deep as pits of quarries.
I'm peerin' in, my faith is slim in money we're adoring.
Fearin' this for years the future's grim, my heroes warned me

No wonder those outside are homes, with stinted paths so gory.
Are parishing from HIV and lucky to see forty.
I'm wearin' what they made me for a quarter, where's the glory?
Hopin' when I'm dead and gone that someone's there to mourn me.

This fleet of greedy steered elites is steeped in leaky boarding.
Seem to lead our absent thinking, t.v., beer and sporting.
The government and one percent keep holding what they're hoarding.
So don't be weak, my people speak, let's bleed them off their moorings.

What's created? Who is aided, who will tell my story?
Cuz all I have to build upon is yesterdays before me.
The quarantine is stacked in isolation, mandatory.
Anarchy is back today, embrace it, come support me.

Track Name: Journey
Here we go on a journey
Moving forward into what could be.

Take a journey out the gates, Tampa Bay and Miami.
Cancun, Aruba, Cuba, Haiti, Caribbean Sea.
I'm boozin' in Jamaica, cruise Barbuda, play the Keys.
Even a hurricane in Cayman couldn't rain on all my dreams.

Chilé, Venezuela, Paraguay I'm here to cater.
Tippin' on a dinner, maitre' d return the favor.
Hype me in the theater. Shiny glowin' lasers.
Rio de Janeiro, pay dinheiro, try Equator.

Stage me any place across the ocean, air or land.
Man, we'll blaze across the deserts and we'll play on foreign sand.
The plains in South Sudan, Abu Dhabi, Pakistan.
The mountains of Bhutan, catchin' tuna in Japan.

Can fly across the skies, hit the islands of Hawaii.
Maui, Malakai and Hilo, Battle with the 5-0
Ohio to Wyomin' off to Niger with the rhinos,
Ridin' in the Nile, til I'm holy like the bible.


Outer space and to the moon. Pluto, Jupiter and back.
Los Angeles and Dallas, through Atlanta and the map.
A bagel in the Apple then the Hague is where I'm at.
Amsterdam will dooby hash til I'm lyin on my back.

I'll hike across the roads, buy a ride and brave the cold.
Anchorage and Juneau, Nome, Toronto, Buffalo.
Then greet me in New Zealand, Sydney out to Queensland.
Papua New Guinea, 'bout to feast with Indonesians.

New Delhi, and Sri Lanka, Italy, Helsinki, Scotland.
Cordova, Barcelona, Bonn, Verona and Moroccans.
Rockin' Manitoba, awfully frozen in the hot sun.
Stoppin' Minnesota then I'm goin' home, Wisconsin.

Audi five thousand see it spoutin' out my mouth.
I'll be Audobahnin' Germany and saur like a Kraut.
Montreal is sauwced. Tout me raudy out in Laos,
Now announce me in the house and ya'll can see what I'm about. Shout!


So travel 'round the globe, lives are flashin' like a strobe.
Toke it up and let the numb come attack your frontal lobe.
Demand to see some action and I'm not afraid to probe.
See, a wizard with the mystery. Slytherine inside my robe.

Confusin' with the rumors, like a puma dont come near it.
I'm a student true to Sousa, march a movement with these lyrics.
The fusion of this music, makes ya lose it when ya hear it.
I'm improvin' on these tunes and choose the fuel to win by sheer grit.

The journey never ends. Gems imagined in my head.
The oceans soakin' up my ashes, pass it on instead.
A legend like Atlantis, but expandin' like a trend.
Trapped inside my hippocampus, I'll be jammin' til I'm dead.

So sons and daughters, moms and fathers, kneel and praise the sun.
Thank the heavens up above for every morning that'll come.
Add a little patience cuz the sum of us is one.
So subtract the isolation, man my quarantine is done.

Track Name: Untouchable
A million situations saw me hangin' with my head.
Now I'm fillin' in the information bangin' this again.
My soul was never lifted when I flickered out the business.
Artist listen, better stand the heat or get on out the kitchen.

Intelligence a synonym. I'm livin' with a vision and
Indicatively imminent. Good riddance to the critics.
Livin' til I get it, on collision with the fittest.
Shit I'm primitively gifted, so I'm rappin' in a ribbon.

Consider this your Christmas. Let's get ripped so we can split this.
When I'm dippin' down into the pits, the Devil I get lit with.
Sinners have insisted now I'm itchin' to enlist them.
Flippin' shit, a liquid script, I think ya quitters missed it.

Slimmin' out the cynics, yeah I'm trimmin' down they image.
Cuz I'm clippin' winged insects who existed to be finished.
Slipped it with these bitches, think that privies them a winner.
No ambitions, chicken dinner. They're all sittin' like beginners.

You seen my highs and lows, let music take control
My flows untouchable, pipe game incredible
females all over me cuz I'm bout ta blow,
haters can shut up now. Sit back and watch the show

Seems that someone deemed me fit, believin me to be equipped
With this wicked energy that's drippin' outta greedy lips.
Droppin' out a seedy brain, Chronic bouts of creaky pain.
stop and tout the CD's name, quarantine of BDK.

Love the way I chop, but they're prayin' for my drop,
No way that I'll be topped. Until I'm layin' in my box.
The misery it gets to me, addicted to me physically.
The contradictions visit this affliction on my history.

Stoned no Blarney, hoes so Barbie.
Ken don't want none. Solo army
Honey don't be charmin' me. I'm money flow and R n' B
Harp these heartbeat harmonies, and pump me out your arteries.

Tisket or a tasket, flippin' up the basket
Grippin' at this biscuit. Get a glimpse of what I bask in.
Limitless advantage, I don't even need the cabbage
Cuz this shit ain't comin' with me when they're sealin' up my casket
Mayday! Rhymer, this rap is a flame.
You gotta maintain higher than maximum gain.
I'd ratha lay slain prior I wax or I wane.
A lot of Plain Jane liars. Collapse or take aim

I'm fetchin' beats and writin' rhymes, catchin' heat and blowin' minds.
Sparkin' sight with sharpened eyes. Bark or bite, flow that grinds.
Art is hyped, smartest lines. Target me. Goin' blind.
Gimme Yours. Aimin' high. A to Z, Doe or Die.

Morph or blame who? You were warned to see through.
Let's worship these rules? This horseshit ain't true.
Divorce from these goons. Forced to lead coups.
Extorting proportionate fortunate fools.

Coercin' the sheep til we flock to our rooms.
They box in our dreams til they lock us in tombs.
You feel the apocalypse mockin it soon?
I will never be stopped til I Occupy you.
Spoken: So now you know. Pound new flow. Haha, BDK and Afficial Hits 2012. Go get it